The impression from Internal testing period ESCB exchange

We are in the process of testing our ESCB exchange platform and we want to share first impressions from this achievement on the way to the best open source software for new DEX generation.

ESCB DEX user interface v1

Here you can see the chart with candles and blocks, the book order and the recent trades and the block for placing orders. As we have described earlier we will support 7 order types. But several such algorithmic orders can be bought with the main two types of order, market and limit.

For placing any order you will need to log in to the ESCB exchange via the purple button at the top right hand corner. We don’t split sign up and log in operations. An internal account will be created after the first login and become bonded with your ETH address. A user can use 4 ways for sign in/ sign up process:

  1. Metamask;
  2. Ledger;
  3. Trezor;
  4. Create a wallet;
  5. Unlock a wallet;
ESCB DEX sign in/sign up page

In our ESCB exchange, we have 6 menu items.

  1. “Trade” item is used for all operations related to trading.
  2. “My account” item contains your counterparties address book, the history of interactions, ratings and other information from the blockchain.
  3. “My profile” item contains all “personal data“ that you want to share with other counterparties. Some nodes of the HWM demands KYC, some do not.
  4. “News” item contains information about new markets and announcements. We plan to expand this menu item and include market information that can help to trade.
  5. “Talks” item contains all interactions via the internal secure chatting platform in the processes of resolving dispute issues in process of operation between you and counterparty.
  6. “Notifications” item contains the information about events related to your orders and can require action from your side. For example, to close a deal you must confirm operation, etc.

We are only at the beginning of an epoch new DEX generation and soon we will publish ESCB DEX on Testnet and share code as open source. Each developer will get some rewards but this is the theme for our next post.

Also, don’t forget about that the ESCB token will be listed on exchange platform on 1st of March at 10 a.m. UTC.