How Does Owner Financing Work?

Sunwest Escrow
May 30 · 2 min read

For Sale By Owner — you’ve seen the signs outside of dozens of New Mexico homes. These signs tell you that the home is for sale, however, what many homeowners and homebuyers don’t know is that FSBO homes are a little different than traditional home sales. One aspect of this transaction that is different is the concept of owner financing. At Sunwest Escrow, Albuquerque, we believe that both homebuyers and homeowners should be aware of all elements involved in a For Sale By Owner home. That’s why we’ve created this helpful explanation that covers an important topic — owner financing.

How Does Owner Financing Work?

Both the homebuyer and the homeowner have many options to consider when determining how the property will be financed. As one of the largest financial decisions that an individual makes throughout their life, it’s important that you consider all options thoroughly before making a final choice. Owner financing is an option that is appealing to both parties for a number of reasons.

The concept is also known or referred to by other names — seller financing, owner carried financing, owner carryback, and the owner will carry. Regardless of which term is used, they all represent the same concept. Unlike a traditional home sale in which the buyer borrows money from a financial institution like a bank or lender, owner financing provides an alternative option. Instead of obtaining a mortgage from the bank, the homebuyer goes directly to the owner and receives credit from them. The buyer then makes payments to the seller, in addition to the initial down payment to purchase the property.

This concept presents advantages for both parties. For buyers, it gives them the opportunity to close the home faster. With no bank affiliation, this close is often cheaper as well. It’s also a perfect opportunity for buyers who cannot secure a mortgage, or who require flexible payments, to purchase a home. For sellers, it enables them to retain the title of the home if the buyer defaults. It also allows the seller to sell the home as is which saves them time and money.

Scheduling an appointment with Sunwest Escrow today and learn more about the various advantages of owner financing in Albuquerque.

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