I don’t like mystery novels. It doesn’t matter how clever the mystery or elegant the writing, by the third chapter, I just don’t care who did it and it’s pissing me off that I have to wait 250 pages to find out. Even if you do like a nice whodunit, I’m betting you’re not a huge fan of real-life mysteries; most of us aren’t, particularly Generation Z.

My youngest son is a GenZ and he recently decided to send a small package to his grandmother on the other side of the country. He managed to find a post office, watch…

We’re getting toward the bottom of the recruitment marketing toolbox and this, I think is my very favourite tool, mostly because it’s also the easiest one to pull off. All employers will have terrible reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. It’s just a fact.

Just as marketers know that consumer reviews will not always be all goodness and light, recruiters and executives have to accept that sometimes they drop the ball and give someone a lousy experience, and sometimes, despite all good intentions and efforts, a lousy experience is had anyway. The trick is what you do about it.

Would you buy this car?

The Jeep Wrangler is a series of compact and mid-size (Wrangler Unlimited and Wrangler 2-door JL) four-wheel drive off-road SUVs, manufactured by Jeep since 1986, and currently in its fourth generation. The Wrangler JL, the most recent generation, was unveiled in late 2017 and is produced at Jeep’s Toledo Complex.The Wrangler is arguably an indirect progression from the World War II Jeep, through the CJ (Civilian Jeeps) produced by Willys, Kaiser-Jeep and American Motors Corporation (AMC) from the mid-1940s through 1980s. …

This is the second in my instalments on how to get your recruitment marketing on track and doing its job. Last time we looked at the foundational necessity of a great employer brand, and this week we will turn our attention to the candidate experience.

Hands up if you have had a terrible experience as a candidate for a job. I thought so. I recently heard from a friend that she had endured seven rounds of interviews for a role and then learned, on LinkedIn of all places, that someone else had landed the job.

Sure, employers used to get…

Last time we looked at some recruitment marketing basics that you should be mastering if you are struggling to fill roles, particularly the high-turnover jobs. This week we’ll dig in on the first item in your toolkit, the employer brand.

Employer branding is having a moment, but it’s certainly nothing new, and here’s a newsflash: you already have an employer brand whether you know it or not. If you aren’t actively managing it, chances are it’s not a great employer brand, but it’s a place to start. So what is an employer brand? Basically it’s what your past, present and…

My client is the place that helps you figure out your high end vacuum cleaner by phone or live chat. They also sell lines of credit, enroll employees in benefits plans, talk you through furniture assembly and reset passwords for obscure software.

As call centres go, this one is pretty good. They offer above average pay, which means it’s still pretty low but slightly better than babysitting and entry level coffee pouring. They have benefits, free parking, chairs that go up and down and a pizza on Fridays.

What they are lacking is people. Like so many businesses that rely…

I recently had occasion to have not one, but two MRIs in the space of about five days (nothing serious; just proof you can hurt yourself golfing). In case you haven’t had the pleasure, those are the ones where they stick you in a tube for anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes and tell you not to move while a series of wailing, thumping, screeching noises fire off at very close range. It’s what being digested by a Dalek (sorry non-Doctor Who fans) must be like.

If you are the least bit claustrophobic or can’t stay still for more than…

Last time we looked at the rise of employee activismin organizations such as Wayfair, Google and Amazon. Dissatisfied with their organization’s actions, inactions or inattention, employees are more often than ever before taking their internal complaints to the streets. As many as 40% of your workers might be activists.

Employers, who can no longer control their workers’ abilities to communicate and organize at scale, need to think about how they will respond when employee activism hits their organization. Here are some tips for getting started on your plan.

An employee activism strategy has a lot in common with your overall…

Whether you think the recent walkoutby Wayfair workers was a dumb stunt or a brave stand, I think we can agree the company sure didn’t see that one coming. By the time it was all over, its shares were down 5% and it had been shamed into donating $100,000 to the Red Cross.

The workers, who walked out to protest the company’s sale of furniture to an immigration shelter, join employees from Google, Whole Foods, Amazon and other companies who have taken their internal beefs to the streets.

You probably have all kinds of scenarios on your scary crisis planning…

Last time we discussed the reasons it’s probably a good idea to talk your CEO out of starting their own blog. A lack of resources, a tendency to be pretty pointless and the proven habit of running out of ideas fairly quickly are all good reasons to keep them away from blogging.

But let’s not forget the tiny ray of hope a CEO blog, however doomed, represents. We all know plenty of CEOs and other senior executives who would rather chew tinfoil than proactively communicate anything.

So what do we do with the eager leader who needs to talk to…

Elizabeth Williams

Brand and communications professor, consultant, speaker, writer working at the intersection of marketing and HR

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