INTRO Technology — Business Intelligence Services for the participants of the residential construction market

Investing in real estate requires some work. If you are going to buy real estate, there is the time dedicated to finding good deals, to visit the selected real estate. There is the cost of telephone calls to ascertain the details of the property. There is the cost of time and money to visit the most interesting real estate and confirm if they really are everything they seemed to be in the ad. If you’re going to build, and I will not waste time listing the amount of work you do, you should know that by now.

Manage investment in real estate. We must count the cost of this work and subtract it from profits. So, if we want to outsource this part of the business, because investing in real estate is a business like any other, we should be able to make profits even by paying people, employees or companies that take care of the real estate investment business for us.

With all that work, think of a technology where you can use it to benefit from your investments.

INTRO is an ecosystem of online services for participants in the housing construction market: developers, investors, home buyers and realtors.

Your mission is to create a transparent, global real estate market and allow developers and buyers to make reliable investments. INTRO IT products provide access to advanced market analytics for industry professionals, as well as for private homebuyers. The register of construction projects and contracts of investors are kept in the detachment, which, in turn, receives data from official government sources. This allows you to effectively analyze the market, without violating the right of owners to protect their personal data.

INTRO system users will be able to find the most attractive off-plan properties in dozens of countries and invest in the ongoing construction under smart contracts. The blockchain ensures reliability of the information about the building plan and transaction security, while avoiding costs of intermediation by real estate brokers, lawyers or profiteers.


In this sea of ICOs, one of the few things you find is projects that are ready to be tested. INTRO already has two developed products that can be tested with the following information:

INTRO Analytica is a BI system for the players of off-plan development market

Over 20 large Russian construction holdings are currently
using the system!

Demo access of the system:
Login: ICOdemo
Password: 100INTRO

INTRO Sale is a private online auction for developers property buyers.

The development of INTRO Sale began in July 2017, the release takesplace in January 2018

Demo of the system:
Password: 1TokenINTRO

The project also foresees the launch of two more products still in 2018, INTRO COINvest is a social application for homebuyers and INTRO REstate is an online store of off-plan properties at developers’ prices.

Another interesting point is that the project provides for the limited issuance of the token which makes the value of the cryptocurrency increase in the long run. In addition there are other actions that are being taken for the cryptocurrency to be valued, for example, all operations within the system will be transferred into Token-based transactions and tokens received by the users in the INTRO system will be frozen for one year.

Just so you have a sense of the valuation of a token with limited issuance, I separated some that exist in the CoinMarketCap with the same supply:

BigONE Token (BIG) — Max Supply: 200 000 000

COSS Token (COSS) — Max Supply: 200 000 000


From the project proposal and the history of the current ICOs, I believe that these tokens can begin to appreciate from 6 to 12 months after the end of the project, but of course this will depend on the progress of the business and the partnerships.


Pre-ICO (Discount 30%)

Commencement date: 26 March 2018 00:00
Completion date: 30 April 2018 23:59

ICO (Discount 15%)

Commencement date: 01 May 2018 00:00
Completion date: 30 June 2018 23:59

Token price: 1 ITR = USD 0.40

Total produced tokens: 200 000 000 ITR
Pre-sale: 2 000 000 ITR
Pre-ICO: 10 000 000 ITR
ICO: 148 000 000 ITR

Accepted cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, LTC, DSH, BCH



1)All content presented in this article is for informational purposes only and should never be considered as a recommendation to buy or sell any asset or cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market has a high risk that can even result in the total loss of your investments. Each person is responsible for doing their own research before engaging in any purchase or sale transaction. Also never invest in amounts you can not afford to lose.

2)To the new members in the crypto world. CAUTION of the fake admin requesting ETH in exchange for bonuses. Always buy your tokens from the official site

3)For you who think you’ll get rich the first day of posting on your token in an exchange… Just HODL.

Author: esdrase (NawileBR)

Telegram username: esdrase

Bitcointalk Profile: here



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