About Me

Hi everybody,

İf you ask, who am I ? Let me introduce my self to you.

I was born in 1994 at Akhisar. My family relocated shortly after I was born. We moved a lot because of my mother and father were teachers. And ı started living with my mother in Ağrı/Doğubeyazıt and my sister started living with my father in Demirci village.. For 3 years we lived separately and finally, we were together in Akhisar.

if I must tell you about my personal interests, I am a music addict. So I like to listen to all kinds of music. The music I listen to depends on my feelings.. Like classical, rock, slow, nostalgia .. Also, I am playing the guitar at the amateur level. By the way, I much like taking photographs. Sometimes I go outside for only to take a photograph. İf you want to follow me I am going to share my links at the end of my writing. I also enjoy doing different sports like swimming, cycling, running etc.

My technical expertise and hobbies are generally about technology and engineering.Such as Matlab, C/C++ Programming Language, Image Processing, Microcontroller Programming, Digital Control, NETWORK …

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