My Andela Experience Part 4

How fast time flies, it is the last day of the home study and off course the challenge continues.

I encountered some challenges with git. While pushing my completed tasks I made a mistake that was not obvious to me. As i was performing some house keeping on my computer, I decided to check my repository then I realized that things were not right. So I decided to repeat the whole process and it kept throwing errors. I reached out to my BFA and he gave the support needed. Eventually I made the necessary changes this morning all thanks to EKEDC. It has been a challenge to internalize JavaScript’s OOP implementation. This is one weak area i need to put in more work; if the odds(electricity supply, time) were in my favour, i would have had gained intuition on it but that is definitely not an excuse.

At this point, I have clearly outlined some action points to be implemented after the Boot Camp. Funny how you feel comfortable with a particular concept only to realize that you possess nothing but a basic part of the concept in view. This exercise just re-echoed the universality of persistence and hard work to me. I will strive to keep this tempo all through 2017.

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