Dark clouds stain blue skies

Casting shadows over my thoughts

My mind is hazy

Fumes of dreams

I lost touch of real

A mirage of existence

Bubbles of illusions

My sight stained red


I stumble on these rocky paths

Blisters on my toes

Slurred speech

A cold soul

I exist as fiction

A talking sleepwalker

Words are futile

Dark whisper filled alleys

Into an abyss am swallowed….

A cold February morning

Your eyes are distant

As your thoughts gallop away

Your smile, frozen

Chasing my dreams

My heart knows no warmth

As pain wraps it’s cold fingers around me

Chills that leaves me

Convulsing in agony

You hung me out to dry

Left to the winds….

You leave me stricken

A stained soul

Left in eternity’s cold wastelands

A phantom ship, I sail away into nothing

Lost in winds of a cold February morning

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