Minna Von Walden

Oh, thank you Minna! I went from doctors to doctors at first time 5 years ago, when i was in panic every day. I was sure that something is wrong with my body, my heart, but they said everything is ok. It was horrible. After a half year, the classic panic attack turned out to dizziness. For like 4 years! First thing what i felt in the morning was vertigo, and they did not find nothing in my brain. So i went to a kinesiologist, and we started my therapy.

I feel so much better now :) In this year, i lost my house, i have financial problems, so i got 2 jobs, my official job is over in January, so i have 2 months to find another, i lost weight, but i don’t give up. I just don’t want do destroy myself, because our body and soul so much stronger like we think. You will get through this. You can. What you allow is what will continue. You don’t have to fight, you just need to accept if you feel you anxious. It will gone. All gone :)

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