Top Most Tools & Technologies to Rule Analytics in 2016

In some definitive terms, data analysis always gives ultimate results. There are several techniques, tools & procedures that can help out in data dissection, after that, forming it into actionable insights. When we move further forward & we would talk about the future of data analytics, we can predict some of the latest trends in tools & technologies that are used to rule the space of analytics such as Model Deployment Systems, Visualization Systems & Data Analysis Systems.

Model Deployment Systems

There are several service providers who want to copy the SaaS model of the premises, specifically for the following:

  • OpenCPU
  • Yhat
  • Domino Data Labs

The web development companies in India will surely get benefits to adopting the topmost tools & technologies in order to rule the analytics in upcoming years. Further, requiring for deploying models, there is a growing requirement for documenting code that is also seen. In a similar manner, it may be expected to see a version control system, which is suited for data science, delivering the capacity of tracking several version of data sets.

Visualization Systems

Visualization is the perimeter of getting dominated by the utilizations of diverse web techniques such as JavaScript systems. Fundamentally, everyone wants to make dynamic visualization, but everyone is not a web developer or not everybody has time to spend on writing JavaScript codes. Obviously, there are some systems that have been gaining popularity rapidly such as:


The python web development company is used the library limited to Python, yet it also provides the solid possibility for rapid adoption in future.


It provides APIs in Matlab, Python & R. The tool of data visualization has been creating the name for it. Also, for rapid broad adoption, it appears on track.

In addition, all these two examples are just for beginning. The JavaScript based systems that provide APIs in Python & R constant to evolve as they see rapid adoption i.e. Blaze & Bcolz.

Data Analysis Systems

The open source systems such as R, with its libraries & pandas, with its rapid mature eco-system & Python. It stands for continuing control over the Analytics space. In some particular cases, some projects in Python ecosystem seem mature for faster adoption.

Python & R ecosystems are just for beginning. In Apache Spark System, it also appears to increase adoption. It also provides APIs in R in the common database.

On the far side, the development tools help business user communicate with data directly whilst helping them from the guided data analysis. All these tools attempt to abstract the data science procedure away from the users. However, this procedure is still immature, and it provides a potential system for data analysis.

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