Morning Musing

“For God sake Apu! Will you please turn off the alarm? I’m trying to sleep here!”

Nitu screamed in her sleep. Seconds later, she realized that her elder sister, Nowrin wasn’t there. It’s been a while since Nowrin got married and Nitu made her peace with that. In fact, this was the first time Nitu felt her absence. A strong sense of melancholy swept through her mind. She turned off the alarm rather reluctantly and rolled to her side. Covering her head with the blanket, she pushed shut her eyes in a futile attempt to block all the thoughts of her sister. But it was of no use, so after a while she gave up.

She got off her bed and put on a pair of slippers. Nowrin had a similar pair. Only hers came in pink. Both of them hate pink. Nitu wondered why her sister ever picked that pair.

One thought led to another and without realizing Nitu ended up in kitchen. She decided to make herself a cup of coffee. She never wakes up this early. Everything felt so different. Even holding a hot coffee cup felt more comforting. She had an assignment to do, that’s why she had set the alarm . But she just couldn’t bring herself to doing it. So half way through her walk to the study room, she changed her direction and headed towards the terrace.

They had a beautiful terrace. Nowrin used to love gardening, she had all sort of flower plants. Back when Nowrin was here they used to go to the terrace every day. Nowrin would take care of the plants, and Nitu would walk around with her jibber-jabber. Nitu couldn’t even remember when the last time she came here was. She sighed, haze formed near her mouth. That’s when she noticed how cold it was. She draped the shawl around her bit tighter and took another sip of coffee.

For the next couple of minutes she just stood there and watched the morning shine. This few minutes, the transition, there was something magical about it. Even the greatest storms in mind had to be tamed after this. With a peaceful mind Nitu stared at her phone. She opened Viber and checked her sister’s thread.


Last online 6hrs ago

This time the haze was denser than before. Nitu was about the put her phone away when she heard a beep. “ Why are you up so early? Are you staying up all night again?”

A smile crossed her face. She replied, “Had an assignment to do. What are you doing?’’

“I just said my prayer. Did you say yours?’’

“Umm, no”

“ Why Nitu? Haven’t I told you to offer your prayer at least when you can?”

“ Apu! What’s the date?’’

“What? It’s nineteen. Why?”

“ Right. Why I may not be saying my prayer on nineteenth?”

“How am I supposed to know?!”

“Ugh! Apu!!’’

“Oh oh I got it. Never mind.”

“ There you go…”

At that very moment, two sisters living in two different cities giggled in unison. Some jokes never get old. Some memories never fade in the past, they just remain sealed deep down in our hearts. And all it takes is just a little poke to stir it up. Sometimes, it’s a winter morning.