Nudity: The Key to Exemption

Yes, you read it right. Nudity is how you can free yourself. Before you start throwing tantrum , let me tell you a story.

Last year was one of hardest of my life. It started with loss of a very favorite person. Few months later my best friend was diagnosed with ALS. I started to think that I bring bad luck to people. It’s silly, I know. But I couldn’t help it since I had already lost so many people to death, rape, fatal disease and what not.

My self-esteem dropped to zero. I started skipping classes on a regular basis. I cut off the very few people I still had in my life. Long story short, in stead of aiding myself I kept aiding my bruise to grow into a cancer , and before I realized I was a wreckage. But here’s the worst thing I ever did to myself.

I kept denying that I needed help. And this wasn’t just to others, I even kept telling myself that I was fine with a hope that if I kept lying maybe it would become true someday.

This is a defense mechanism opted by many of us. We drape this fallacy around ourselves and soon it becomes a part of us. We get so used to it that we can’t take it off even when we are alone. Without our knowledge we create an ideal environment for breeding skepticism. We grow tired of this still we keep nodding our heads frantically every time we are asked, “ Are you okay?’’

But what happens if we unveil ourselves for once? What lies underneath this overpowering delusional sheath? A Naked Truth: Eternal Freedom.

I will end this story with how I threw off my drape and escaped my mental jail. I was doing extremely bad at one of my courses. So my course instructor summoned me and told me in front of around 50 other students, “ Something is inherently wrong with you, I don’t know what.”

That’s it. That did the magic trick. What she said was a proof that she could see through my drape. Right at that moment I became naked. I started crying, then laughing before my class. I saw pure anxiety in most of the student’s eyes and I wouldn’t blame them if they called me crazy that day. I was embarrassed, shattered but the best part , I was free. Once I was past the initial blow, I was actually thankful that I made a complete fool of myself. It only meant that there was no way I could pretend to be fine anymore and part of me was happy to be exposed like this. I had hit the rock bottom. So it was time for me to pick myself up again.

The rest of the story is pretty monotonous. I lead a very regular life now. There are days when I am happy and there are days when I am not. But there is not a day, not a moment when I pretend to be someone I am not. After all, what good has covering myself ever done to me?

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