Tell Congress to act now to Save the Lives of 4 Juveniles

Dec 29, 2016 · 3 min read

Thank you very much for volunteering to call your congressional representative and your senator. It takes just one-two phone calls from you to make a big difference in saving the lives of 4 wonderful kids.

Background Information:

Despite the horrific nature of this case, the US government has been nothing but silent. We need you to tell your congressional representatives and Senators that this is not acceptable and that the US should stand for human rights.

Resource to Give to your Congressional representative

  1. Case Overview by Amnesty.
  2. Amnesty Report on the current status
  3. Request by AFT to intercede on their behalf:
  4. Sample Letter to the State Department:
  5. Sample Resolution to be introduced in congress:


  1. Please find your congressional representative and senator, and find their contact details here: and senators here:
  2. Fill out our form so that we know who you are contacting. This way, we may be able to follow-up with the congressional representative of senator.
  3. Please call your congressional representative. We have included a sample script. Feel free to edit or personalize it.


Hello, my name is _____________. I am your constituent and calling about the most outrageous act in the world that is being committed by a U.S. ally; the impending execution(s) of Dawood al Marhoon, Mohammed al Nimr, Mutjaba Al Suweikat and Abdullah al Zaher, three Saudi Arabian boys whose only “crime” was peacefully protesting during the Arab Spring. I would like to know whether Congressman/Senator ____________ is willing to join Keith Ellison* in demanding that our government intervene to save the lives of these heroic boys.

If the staffer says he is unsure or evades (which is likely), say, “I understand that the congressman/senator will need time to make a decision; but with due respect, your constituents deserve an answer about this life and death, time-sensitive issue.

If the staffer says “yes,” thank him and let him know that you will follow up to ensure that he is taking action on this important issue.

If the staffer says, “no,” ask him what he will do to save the lives of al Marhoon, al Nimr, and al Zaher.

Follow-up Instructions:

Following up with your congressmen will increase the chances of these boys' survival. If you have time, please send your congressmen a follow-up email and/or postcard once every two weeks, asking them what action, if any, they will take on these boys' behalf.

Also, please tell us how your call (or email) with your congressmen went, so that we can better serve these boys.

Use this form.


Thank you very much for volunteering. We appreciate you taking the time to help save the lives of three innocent kids. Sometimes, just a little bit of pressure can change the course. If you need specific help, please fill it out in the additional comments, and we will be right there supporting you. Once again, we will forever have your gratitude.

Feel free to write a letter to your representatives too: Here are the instructions:

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