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From Claire Sweet

On the eve of September 4th, I cracked open my laptop and logged into my student portal to see my schedule for senior year. Every class seemed standard: Calculus, Biology, English, Chemistry, ASL… Wait, ASL? Why was American Sign Language a required course in my high school curriculum?

I walked into my ASL class as a skeptic. Why couldn’t the Deaf undergo a cochlear implant surgery and hear again? How could they carry on with their lives without their sense of hearing to guide them? …

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From eLearning Industry

We all know the story: 9 PM on a Sunday night and there you are, finally opening up your notebook, unprepared for the 4 hours of studying and assignments you’ll have to endure. Sure you can promise yourself you won’t ever watch YouTube videos for 4 hours straight again, but we all know how that turns out. By delaying assignments until the night they are due, procrastination causes degraded work, drowsiness during the day, stress, cheating, and overall lower grades. Ultimately, the key to getting work done in time is by kicking procrastination out the door. Fortunately, procrastination is a habit that can be fixed. …


Eshaan M.

A high school senior looking to incorporate technology into every aspect of life

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