Sonu Nigam is right — “blaring Azaan is forced religiousness”

Totally second Sonu’s opinion over here. However, I do agree he should have put it across in a bit more courteous manner rather than abruptly speaking out against the Muslim religion and tagging the Azaan calling act as “Gundagardi”. But yes, if you do not understand a particular language then it becomes nuisance for you when they speak it loud on your head that too over a loudspeaker.

Similarly, when they sing Bhajans and Kirtans I too feel irritated at times cause I do not understand any bit of it and it kind of creates noise pollution for me. Not just that, if you go to any foreign/regional land and people speak in a language infront of you which you do not understand then you certainly feel like breaking their head.

I have to agree that I too feel annoyed at times when they loudly call out the Azaan while I’m in the middle of doing an important work as it massively deviates my mind (I can read and write Arabic but do not understand it’s meaning).

Also, the trend of reading out Azaans over the loudspeakers has come up in the recent times only cause back when the Azaan was scripted there was no concept of electricity and loudspeakers. They also forget there are heart patients too living right next to them who are on the verge of losing their life every time these people shout out loud.

I think its time for all these believers, be it Hindus, Muslims or Christians, to stop spreading their pious acts over loudspeakers and practice it in a more private/silent manner. Those who believe in your religion will eventually stick to it only and those who do not, nothing on this planet can force them to follow your religion, not even the loudspeakers or the mikes!

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