Hello Kolkata

The roads of Kolkata has so many stories left unheard of. You see, it isn’t just the varieties of culture, people, emotions and expressions you come across. It’s about their stories. The stories you come across, the imaginations that run wild through our head while we see their faces and observe their daily activities. 
I saw them all, I felt them all, and some went unseen. It’s the thrill I get while I let my imagination go wild and think what their stories exactly are. Most aren’t willing to share, claiming their journey to be boring and overrated. They say it’s the same story you will come across but, is that really the case? The same story? The same expressions? The same pain, hardships etc? No. 
Every story has its own uniqueness and the pain is never the same. The hardships they go through while on their journey is never the same. 
While I was on my way to the Howrah station, I observed this little kid working in a tea stall with an expression we come across on a daily basis.

The expression of wanting more, wanting much more than life offered him with. I kept staring at him, thinking what exactly was it that made him make such an expression? Did he not like what he was doing? Did he willing put himself in such a situation that he had to work in a tea stall when he should rather have been home studying or doing whatever stuff we teenagers do? I knew the answer to that was no. He wanted much more from the life he was living, like we all do. He looked into my direction as though feeling someone’s eyes on him and smiled. He smiled. Even though he had a complete different emotion running through his eyes, he smiled through it all. I don’t know why but that hit me hard. 
Sometimes, circumstances put us in such situations which we want nothing do with. We curl up in our bed, make ourselves numb to the outside world wanting things to go back to normal. We don’t want to face the world even tho we know that’s the right thing to do. We know things will go back to normal after everything gets over, yet we don’t want to get things over with. We let it be. Letting the situation make a bigger impact on our life than its capable of. why so? 
That day, I learned, that no matter what situation life put me in, I should smile though it and get it over with. I know there are better things waiting on the other end. It always ends well, as they say. Always.

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