OK, now feeling the guilt at being one of the 12 readers who hasn’t got back to you yet.
Samantha Deakin

Haha! It has been less than a week….

And thank you for your kind and encouraging words, Sam. As I have told the whole world before, I would not be here doing these things if it weren’t for your leading-by-example and encouragement when I wandered into Entrepreneur’s Pub almost three years ago, not to mention the Startup Weekend that followed! You never batted an eye at my age, my lack of experience, or my total cluelessness at what was going on around me- you just kept pulling me along.

Yes, the balance between action and waiting is particularly tricky in this environment, but with our generous friends and advisors around us we are much less likely to get it horribly wrong. Together we are better! :)


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