Oh no! Like Samantha Deakin, I too am feeling the guilt of not having started your book yet — I am…
Laura IH Bennett

I know that feeling!! I am so grateful for all my beta readers who are so generously giving your time for this. The pressure is only from my fragile psyche and not from me as a buddy! And I have now had two lots of feedback so I am feeling less like Schrodinger. It was the silence that was killing me and making my mind go to ugly places.

Please take your time (though Sunday would be AWESOME!). All feedback is massively valuable and and once received it means I can crack on and get the book all ready for Big Launch Day!! :) I am so grateful for your input, especially as you are THE super duper proofer in the mix.

I have become the queen of time and space, so if you want any accountibilibuddy input into your overwhelm and busyness, I’m your woman, just say the word.

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