Survival of our society

There’s a famous saying in urdu ‘jaise awam waisa hukmaran’ i.e the ruler of country is representative of its nation. Couldn’t agree more. Pakistan gained its Independence after immense struggle and sacrifices by our forefathers so that next generation could live in peace and according to principles of Islam.

Still it is a developing country after 70 years of independence.Democratic and military politics caused more harm then benefit.Pakistan economic expansion is ruined by greediness of our politicians, leaders and elite class.we can say somehow we deserve it

It’s because the basic perception, lack of knowledge, attitude toward other people and ourselves , thinking and behavior of my fellow country men is the reason behind why Pakistan is categorized as a third world country .

The attitude and perception of people in power in Pakistan makes all other people to be inferior. As we can see its easy to get any job or facility in Pakistan as ‘sifarish’ is more important than talent and hard work. If your father or any family member is on good post in army sector, government or any private institution then congratulations you don’t know the pain of getting rejected on terms of having no sifarish. Its not that people don’t succeed at all we can see many hard workers with poor background have more successful and aspiring stories which makes us hopeful. But why is it that we often hear aspiring stories about the underprivileged achieving the impossible? why is it we give reference of poor people as if they have no right to succeed? Maybe because they have no facility or sifarish that can help them?By getting into position of someone who was more deserving through reference rather then earning through hard work not only throws away the chance of more deserving but it also destroy the institutions. Maybe it is the first step of corruption.This is one of the sole reason that western countries are ahead of us they consider each other as humans and value those who earn the position through hard work.

Another hindrance is that our thinking towards inferior community.We need to change our thinking that if someone is more blessed we can not take other people for granted and consider them as our property, we should not take advantage of the blessings bestowed upon us by Allah almighty. Before we impose our thoughts and order on someone else just consider once that this could be us and how it feels to be in this position.

Lack of Islamic knowledge for earning is also decreased. We need to realize that considering the concept of hilal and haram rizq is important. This new generation needs to understand this concept as it is very important for survival of humanity and most of all survival of Pakistan.

In the end all I want to say is for survival, change is necessary and change is how we think, our behavior and attitude. Hoping that one day it can change fate of our country. Pakistan zindabad.

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