Twenty One Pilots |-/ Concert 1/21/17

About 7 months earlier, some of my friends who were bigger TOP fans than I was asked me if I wanted to go to a TOP concert. I was certainly down for it because I love the concert experience (I love to sing along even though I’m a terrible singer) and I really liked “Stressed Out” and “Car Radio” at the time, so it seemed like a win-win.

That day, (luckiest, funniest thing) my friends bought the GENERAL ADMISSION tickets during American Lit class. Luckily, it was during a silent reading period, so they had the chance to buy the tickets right when they came out. They ultimately were around $60–70 each (which is a really good price for GA) I went to a Taylor Swift concert before and we were literally in the last row in the highest section and it cost $100+. But that was still a great concert too. But TOP was definitely better and way more “bang for my buck”.

Soooo, I actually thought that day would never come! But it finally did and it went by so fast. Because now it is 2 days after the show and I am suffering from post- concert depression and to make it worse, I have growing respect and love for TOP. The concert was that great.

— — -

I woke up at 6:00 AM on a Saturday (same time I would wake up for school) I texted my friend anxiously because she had not replied to my text from the other night that my dad and I were coming by her house @ 7 AM sharp. We were going so early (just us two) because my other two friends had to take their SATS. Sucks.

Ok. So we pick up my friend. We drive to PruCenter and I feel great (not really tired). We get to the venue @ 7:30 AM, and there were originally tour buses blocking the view, but (FCK) there were tents already camping out. HOWEVER, our spot in line wasn’t too bad. We were numbered. I was #149 in line. Not too shabby and of course, not set in stone because people rush when the doors open so there is no guarantee where you will be in the pit.

One of our friends wasn’t going to arrive until 11 AM (she was going to get us pizza. hallelujah). So my friend and I waited. We played cards (guess a number, magic tricks, etc) , did two physics problems, listened to TOP music, and FREEZED to death. We couldn’t feel our toes. And our setup was LITERAL TRASH. WE USED TRASH BAGS TO SIT ON. But hey now, it was very smart because we didn’t want to carry anything to the venue that would be burdensome. It was just a very unique setup. No one else had trash bags. They had fcking blankets but whatever. We are literal trash.

We waited for our friend with the pizza. We were standing to get the circulation going. We could see our breaths in the air, that’s how you know it’s cold. It was the best weather in the week though (mostly rainy). She came through with the pizza. IT WAS GOOD AND YUMMY B/C I LOVE PIZZA. It was green pepper toppings, which were a little big. She also brought in the breadsticks. Yum. Before this, I ate twizzlers. Too many, but very good.

Then, we went to the bathroom. Tried to go to Chipotle, but they require you to buy something. Dumb. Then we went on the other side of the venue and the other side and saw a McDonalds. On the way there, we found a Hotel Indigo WHICH HAD A HEATED BATHROOM BLESS. I was a little anxious walking to the bathroom b/c I felt a little unsafe with the strangers around. On the way back, we found a group of TOP fans who were waiting for Tyler and Josh to come out of the tour bus?? We waited too, but it seemed like it was only an equipment bus. And even if they were in there, I don’t think they would come out to talk to us (not meant in a mean way) So we left and returned to our trash bin.

We talked and laughed and ate more. We did some butt exercises and one did pelvic thrusts to get our blood circulating because our butts hurt so much from the concrete. We killed a bug. HOLY FCK WAS IT HUGE. And we happened to kill it in the center of our set up. Just great. Then our other friend came, bring in Subway sandwiches for dinner (we weren’t even hungry though). Continued to laugh, eat, and talk. (see pics and videos). The GA line had gotten progressively longer, making our spot seem amazing.

The line eventually started to compress because the tents took up a lot of space and everyone’s set ups were spread apart. We went to the bathroom for the last time and holy, the line got very long. When the line compressed, we were pretty close to the doors. They opened the doors @ 6 PM. We wasted a bunch of water, shoved down dinner, and wasted more food because we couldn’t finish it and prucenter doesn’t allow it in.

The doors open. EVERYONE RUSHES. THEY ARE RUNNING SO ITS WILD. We tried to stick together. Me and my friend got stuck in one of the lines for security because everyone nearly knocked down the security scanner. And the security people were pissssseeeedd. My other friends were lucky. They went into a line that no one could really reach, so that’s why it was so quick to get through. Honestly, if me and my friend went into that line, we probably could’ve POSSIBLY gotten very close to the barrier in the pit. Who knows. Kind of aggravating cause it was out of our hands. But we got through. WE RAN. Then we got to a crowd. Stopped, but luckily we were still together. Then they let us through another door to the GA area. Security got pissed again. There was a #96 and a #296 which is cRAZY. Just goes to show that the spot you have outside will not guarantee you good GA spot. So we get in the pit. AND WE ARE FIFTH ROW. Pretty damn close. (But we could’ve been closer). But pretty decent. Unfortunately chose to stand behind a tall dude. But the stage was right there and we weren’t in the middle!!!!! Which was one of our concerns. We were pretty much in the front. But, EVERYONE WAS FCKING AGGRESSIVE once performances started.

We got into the pit. We were pretty close to the stage. About 5 rows behind the barrier. pretty good! My mistake to stand behind the tall guy. We waited til 7 PM for the pit to fill up. Some of the reserved seats were not completely filled yet. b/c for the next 2 hours, it was the opening act performances by Judah and the Lion and Jon Bellion.

Judah, more like Jesus with that hair! He sang this song that was called “Take It All Back” and I swear those were the only lyrics. Banjo part was interesting. And he sang Mr. Brightside… It was a 30–45 minute set. Oh, and Judah and the Lion twerked. They have more of a butt than I do.

10 minutes later Jon Bellion started his set. He sang his Platinum single, “All Time Low” (I listen to this now because I can relate). And some other songs. I got a sick video of him performing. He had another dude with him who was pretty cool too. Lots of hand pumping from the crowd.

After Bellion, we waited A LONG TIME FOR TWENTY ONE PILOTS. It started at 9 PM. And during this wait, people were pushing aggressively to get more in front. We definitely got separated. Me and my other friend got separated from our other friend for some time as well. There were some tall ass people in front of us. One was tall and wearing a beanie that stood 6 inches on her head and we wanted to rip it off. Jesus. TAKE IT OFF, WE CAN’T SEE. Also, a bunch of annoying fans trying to use the excuse that their friends are up in the front. Like no. Just be happy with where you are. It’s ridiculous. And some other girls were so rude to my friends. They pushed into my friends, went ahead of them, separated them and were pissed. Like you have no right to be pissed. You pushed my friends back, they have the right to be pissed.

I have the TOP setlist on my Spotify. Basically, it was lit. They showed up first as Blurryface. Tyler even zapped himself to the seats at the top of the venue. Josh had green hair. I basically sang along to most of the songs/scream. So fun. More than halfway through, I was very dehydrated but I dealt with it. It was also very hot because of body heat. About 4 people were taken out due to panic attacks, fainting, etc. Insane.

Highlights: Tyler came into the crowd and sang, Josh came into the crowd twice, Tyler came close to us in a hamster ball, but we fell down (thanks annoying people) Tyler was emotional, making me tear up because I loved the authenticity … Josh chant, ending with confetti, aesthetics, lights, the experience, Josh’s drumming, Tyler’s singing and ukelele playing ETC

Ran out of the venue to go to the water line. I wanted to buy merchandise, but there were way too many people buying. It’s ok. It was expensive anyways. I’ll get over it. Online is better. Slept on the way back home. Ended around midnight, but totally worth it.

Seriously so great. I still have post-concert depression from this show. They just posted the Newark photos. ❤ ❤ ❤ Which made me happy because I’ve been waiting for them.

|-/ ❤

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