I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

  1. You conflate trans women and trans men
  2. You need to read up on biology. Sex is more the xx and xy chromosomes. There are so many variations. Sex and Gender are NOT THE SAME! There definitely more than two sexs.
  3. You erase intersex people completely. Where do non-binary folks fit?
  4. A Trans woman’s life expectancy is 35, fucking 35
  5. Black Trans Women are being MURDERED!! Trans Women of Color are being MURDERED!! Your rhetoric assist in this epidemic.
  6. You are obsessed with the patriarchal view of gender. Gender is a social construct. This construction has many implication in society. There is gender based oppression, and this is why we have labels. Labels help us to distinguish power, privilege, solidarity, and commonality.
  7. Trans women are raped and assaulted. Womanhood is not defined by being raped and assaulted.
  8. There are ways to have expansive conversation about gender that include differences. People are traumatized by literally being told their existence is invalid, so maybe try pausing. Recognize that you have privilege in some conversations. You may get your feeling hurt, you will live.
  9. Do you really believe Trans Women don’t fight for cis women’s rights? I can name many who do.
  10. I consider you transphobia because you have work tirelessly to silence the experience of Trans Women. You have like four articles on the topic and you respond to every comment with deflection. I encourage you to read books written by Trans folks, watch interviews of Trans people, and create genuine friendship with some Trans people.