A brief a rant about Barclays bank.

I accidentally wrote a cheque using an old book which is linked to an old account that had no money in it and hadn’t been used in ages. A silly mistake, yes but fairly easy to do in a rush as cheque books look a lot alike.

Now – does the cheque bounce? No! Barclays allow it to go through by giving me “emergency funds” for which they charge £5 per day plus admin fees. They have my email and mobile details but choose to make me aware of the situation by letter, two months after the fact.

So without my knowledge or consent Barclays lent me money and were charging me for it every day. Thanks!

Despite speaking to three different people they refuse to revoke the charges so needless to say I’ve closed by accounts and want to bow out of our long relationship together by saying – Fuck you, Barclays, you thieving cunts.

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