Even through the music of a city crowd during rush hour, you could hear her piercing scream loud and clear.

Seldom does a city crowd go completely silent and still. Only once in my own life, at least, have I witnessed a city crowd go completely silent and completely still. And never, in my knowledge, has times square ever been truly silent, truly still. But yet, it was. I was there. Her voice filled every crevice of every human being in times square. The scream was amplified and broadcast to every individual there. Her face, a picture of distress, hopelessness, terror, and pain was plastered on every screen on every wall of the square. The crowd stood still. The crowd went silent. Times square is never silent. It is never still. Even then her scream was moving through the people, ground, buildings, and air. Times square was never silent; it was never still. The silence created by her loud, echoing scream only lasted a moment, for soon panic set in. Some stayed still as statues, watching in horror at the hell unfolding before them. Others started to run, yell, scream for help. Nothing helped. Her scream still echoed, seemingly breathless and ultimately hopeless. Her face stayed still, as though a picture, even though her mouth still moved and tears still ran down her face. Sirens began to sound as panic continued to overtake the crowd. Then, as sudden as it all began, it ended. The video was cut. Her scream was no longer heard, but yet still felt in every person in that square. Once again silence endured. Once again the impossible happened. Times square is never silent. Times square is never still. And yet, in that moment, the earth stopped rotating, all physics laws were broken, and times square was the kind of still and silent that is impossible to find in our universe.

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