“You can never, ever, take me seriously. You should never take me seriously. Well, I mean, there are times when you know that you can take me seriously like I mean were having a serious conversation like I dunno you tell me “my friend just died” or something like that I am not going to joke about that in that moment. But I make lots of pranks lots of little jokes, you know, mildly inconvenience you for about five seconds and thats it.”

“I believe that comedy has no limits, but it’s all about time and place. If we are in the middle of learning about the holocaust, I do not think making a joke about Hitler’s gas bill would be at all hilarious. But I believe that, as long as your intent and your timing and your cleverness is on, you can joke about whatever. If you don’t, it just comes off as bad and bad taste. I try to avoid certain topics because I don’t have the clever intelligence to do what most comedians do but like if there was a joke that was well timed, well placed, and I can make it, I’ll make it, but my intent is never to crap on the lives that suffered because of it. My friends and I tell each other to kill ourselves on a daily basis, but that does not I don’t believe that means that I find suicide at all a happy subject.”

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