‘’What do I do with my design aversive manager?’’ — Asking the Right Questions no 1

One of the main reasons I love meeting curious audiences in conferences are the questions afterwards. It is what feeds me as a professional. After my talk about UX metrics at Google Developers Group Event in November 2015, a fellow designer asked me:

‘So what do I do if my manager keeps refusing anything about design and design process let alone defining metrics together?’

I did not have a solution to that. I only know how to avoid being stuck and I said:

‘I always tried to decide which soil I will flourish. This is the only way I could avoid being stuck. I did my best and then I changed soil. If you want to stay and change no matter what; I can only tell you to be persistent. I obtained all change via persistency. But I do not have a strong answer to that question. Please let me know when you know more.’

There it was! My gem! A right question! Today I learned what would be the best approach. In the introduction lesson of Leading for Creativity at Ideo U, Tim Brown replied a very similar question:

‘ Expose your manager to opportunities for embracing change.’ (Tim Brown)

Here I was presented with the reply to a right question I was been carrying with me for half a year. I now know that next time I am stuck with myself or anyone else, I will present opportunities to embrace change. And then change soil.

I am looking forward to which new questions I will adopt and which ones I will be able to let go throughout the course….

PS Cheesy: I really wanted to change the title of this article to ‘Why Tim Brown is a guru and I am not (yet)’

Photo credit: ed_needs_a_bicycle via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

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