Andela Challenges

Ever got stuck in an elevator due to power failure while going to an exam, interview or something? if so then you had 2 options.
Scream your heart out or sit back relax and start preparing for whatever you are attending to since it will still happen.On my 3rd day at Andela, I experienced power failure from our electricity producers(KPLC) that lasted for 2 this time I had 2 tasks fully unattended to.The deadline was at 4;30 and failure to submit the tasks was never an option.what did I do? you ask. Well, I composed myself, Checked any updates from the company on Twitter about the power loss. My worries were confirmed that the power loss world is solved by 5:00. I had to write code the old school way. I picked a pen and a paper and started working on my Binary search algorithm. I even realized it was more fun to do it that way. I also wrote that day’s blog on a piece of paper and now hoped that the power will be back by 4 and that my code runs. Luckily The power was back by 4:00 I had enough time to transform my written code into typed code. I run it and did some modifications till it executed.
Sleepless Nights.
If you really are into programming you know a joke made of us “Programmers have No life”.The reason being they wake up very early in the morning and sleep very late at night. During my Andela boot camp week one, I became a victim of this situation. Deadlines being after me like a hit-man I had to spend the better part of my day and night solving the tasks. What I knew for sure was that Whatever it was I had to submit a solution before 4:30 being determined to submit a solution on time was the only thing that kept me going. infarct I realized I had been sleeping more than I deserved. 4 hours are now enough for me.
My worst nightmare was the morning of my Presentation day. Having been advised and given feedback from my Learning Facilitator and been working on them for hours without pushing them to git due to internet issues, my laptop(Desktop) lost power before I could commit the modified files. All my open files got converted into NULL. I didn’t know what to do. I could only pull my previous files from git and start working on them.