Day 3: Andela Boot Camp Experience

As Mosher’s Law of Software Engineering states “Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right. If everything did, you’d be out of a job.”

Today I appreciated this law. If today’s challenge was simpler than yesterday’s then I wouldn’t have had something new to learn. The problems therefore were more challenging than the yesterdays were. I had to apply formal logic if I was to make it through the day solving programming logic questions. Today was a day I really interacted with my fellows at boot camp since everyone has his/her own way of solving logic problems I wanted to hear what most of them had to say. I was bombed with many ways to tackle the problems that i didn’t know existed. I now believe Andela picks Great minds and Personalities.

By this day my brains have learnt to take in new challenges more comfortably than I did before I joined the boot camp. Every night when am taking a 2 hours nap my mind is coded to expect a new and harder challenge the next day. So today when I was faced with a challenge that I had no idea on,about using API’s and HTTP client libraries I was prepared. I rapidly started learning about them and within a considerable amount of time I was prepared to face the problem. Andela boot camp has taught me how to be prepared for tough challenges even when I have no idea on what the problem is.

Today I have learnt the power of teamwork. The challenges today could not have been handled without asking and asking again. I consulted my fellow teammates in addition to Google and within no time we had at least a clue on what to do about the API’s and HTTP client library problem from fellows who had previous know how on the same. I can comfortably say Andela boot camp has shined a light on me that two heads are better than one.

Deadlines are great. I didn’t know that having a set deadline could make me even work smarter and faster. The deadlines for the submission of the Andela tests are keeping me on track. I have to code faster and accurately in order to submit my tasks by 4:30. As martin Golding Once said “Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live”. During the home study test (codility) I was torn between writing clean code and submitting the code in time. Andela boot camp has however introduced me to a Test Driven Development method (TDD) where I can write test cases for my expected solutions even before starting to write code for the solution to the problem. TDD has helped me concentrate more in making my code clean and saving me lots of time that I previously used in testing.

Well. I am now looking forward to tomorrow’s challenge expecting it will be tougher than today's. I believe if it doesn’t break you it makes you better and stronger.


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