My Experience in Andela Boot-camp

Learning for sure is hard work, but everything you learn is yours and will make subsequent learning easier. This is a quote that’s dawning to be true to me for the past 2 days I have been attending the Boot-camp. With lots of stuff to do on my Project Document, i have to learn most of the concepts before the day begins and try to implement as much as I can.
I have come to learn that time spent on a concept is for sure never wasted. What you learn today will make your tomorrow easier. I have learned to take time on a concept and understand it in depth instead of rushing to just do it. Yesterday I spent some time learning about the pivotal tracker, I can say that I can be able to write stories in a better way now. It is something that I will use for the rest of my life not only to track my coding projects but even other projects in life.
The Boot-camp has shown me that becoming a world class developer is something that requires handwork and dedication. We you sleep and dream of the next day task you just wake up and start working on it. I have not slept for the past 16 hours and I still feel psyched up to continue working on the project. 
Asking for feedback has been a great experience too, being told what to work on both from my Learning facilitator and other boot campers. It gives you a scene of what you should work on to become a better programmer and person at the same time. Am looking forward to more great experience as I continue my journey to becoming a world class Developer.

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