Why Attending A Boot Camp Is The Best Thing To Do

Being Invited To An Interview at Andela After applying for the cohort 17 fellowship. I was successfully selected among other Applicants for A two week Boot camp at Andela. This was a great Chance for us to proof that we were capable of becoming World class Developers.

I started the journey on the 3rd April 2016 and I am really excited about it and the glories ahead. I started my boot camp sessions in one of the best organizations in the world and I am looking forward to changing the world with them.I feel like I am coming down with something brutal! I am just nervous and overly anxious.

I arrived at Andela campus Nairobi at around 7:45 am The day started with their regular exercises and games. We played some games — (I in one of winning groups : ) The aim of the games were: active listening, listening and execution and listening and attention.

After the games we had a warm reception (including some hot coffee Which i really Loved a lot ) then an interaction session begun where we were interacting with our LFA’s and with fellow Participants of the Boot camp . I found out that we share a lot with this guys e.g. Playing ‘Call Of Duty’ and ‘Watching Science Fictions’ this somehow secretly motivated me to Join Andela. After a heavy Lunch the serious part of the day began.Applying what we had learnt during morning hours about GIT AND Test Driven Development(Which was A very new Concept To Me).

I am still coming to terms with the whole GitHub and TDD operations. I can now open a repository, create a local folder and, my head is finally coming around to the commands . This whole command-line use is new to me and it has taken me sleepless nights try to master everything served on my plate.

For today’s tasks, i worked on three very beautiful projects, but one of them stood out to me and that was the task that asked me to create A Car Class Lab. If you think this is an easy problem, then you are me one day ago. I have a goal, to make sure i churn out the most efficient code to the best of my ability in every task i encounter, and i didn’t compromise. Thanks to google and other MOOC platforms.

I spend most of my morning reviewing the previous assignment and revising on some of the concepts just to try and have a better understanding of what I feel I have learned so far.My day is not just about coding though. There are moments of laughter, coffee and learning more about myself. If anything, I believe that the challenges I have had this far are just indicators of what I need to improve on, what I need to learn afresh, what I need to redo till it becomes a part of me, and more importantly, what I have learned so far.

I am grateful for my facilitator.I really don’t if I would survived this day without her motivation and support. Plus, I know it takes a whole lot of heart to help others, it is not everyone who can do that with attitude like she does.

All in all, today was an amazing day for me, and i hope to always be a step ahead of every task in this boot-camp.

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