ADAPTATION: The Best Way to Embrace Change

When I first Joined the university and had my First Touch on a Computer, it dawned on me what Ratatouille’s Chef Gusteau once said: “Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.” This made me realize that anyone can be a Software Developer, but only the fearless can be a world class developer.
Putting this in mind, I was ready to rock n roll, but something unexpected happened. I depended mostly on what My lecturers were giving me although this was not the best that would have sharpened my skills in coding. The worst part was that I expected to have learned how to code in just a few days just from what was offered by the lecturers. All these expectations were wrong. This style had to change although it was just a gradual change.
For more than one year I was struggling to change my style of learning if I had to be a world class developer. I had to dig deeper in coding rather than just what was offered by my lecturer and therefore, I opted to go for online tutorials such as Tutorials Point and YouTube Videos(Which are Great By the way). For a matter of fact, I enjoyed my learning style; it was fun more than fun if I have to say. The most challenging part was that I stuck more on beginners tutorials which made me think that I was good in coding.
However, I had to find Something more fun And challenging. By good luck, I found Andela Fellowship Program and applied. When I got the materials for the home study, I realized I had been doing it all wrong since the first day.It wasn’t all about just running ‘hello_world,’ It wasn’t all about sitting in front of a computer and typing. I had to learn about how things work, e.g., the Internet, Algorithms and Computer Science In General. Trying to learn about something you think you know can be a real challenge and it was. I had to forget everything that I thought I knew if I was to make any positive progress. I had to learn something new.
When I got To Boot Camp, I Was Introduced To Something I didn’t even Know Existed.Test Driven Development.Getting to know how different languages use different Test Tools Was A Challenge To Me.I also had a tough time Adopting to The Naming Conventions Used By Python Given That I Had A background In Java Which Uses A different Naming Convention.
With what I have Learnt From Andela in The Past few Months I bet I will be A true World Class Developer Now If I Make it Trough since Learning is not a one-day thing I hope to learn as much as I can as the days goes.

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