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An API(Application Programming Interface) is a software that allows two applications to talk to each other. In this blog, we will be creating an API that allows clients to create and read articles just like Medium blog post. We will explore different ways to create a Django Rest Framework(DFR) API in a 3 part series starting with a plain APIView(PART 1) then using GenericAPIView(PART 2) and finally using ViewSets(PART 3).

The final source code of what we will be creating can be found on GitHub .
I will also be using pipenv for my development environment management i.e …

A monitoring tool is a tool that lets us see the status of a machine at a specific point in time. The status we can be looking for includes but is not limited to CPU usage, Network latency, Memory usage, and Disk Usage.

Getting the statistics.

In order to do this, we can use a library for retrieving information from the machine.
psutil (process and system utilities) — a library for retrieving information on -a running processes and system utilization (CPU, memory, disks, network) in python can be a perfect library for this. …

This is the second part of a series. The first part can be found here. In this part, we will recreate the Blog API that we created in the previous articles but now using GenericAPIView instead of basic APIView.

Why use GenericAPIView you may ask. This class extends REST framework’s APIView class, adding commonly required behavior for standard list and detail views. Let's dive in and see this in action to make it more clear.

New ArticleView

From above, we start by extending

ListModelMixin and GenericAPIView

The GenericAPIView Provides the basic functionality while the ListModelMixin provide the .list() action (Mixins

After receiving an invitation to the boot-camp, I knew that was a chance given to me to become a world class developer, I knew it would come with a cost but the type of the cost was completely unexpected.

Since the Boot-Camp was kicking off from Monday, August 28th and I had got the invite email on Aug 24, I had ample time to prepare for it and by Friday evening I had downloaded all the requirements for the Boot-Camp. …

From sending messages hundreds of kilometers away to having coffee together with a fellow BootCamper, I can for sure say that I have come to learn interesting and fun a attributes of the persons I have actively interacted with.

As for Moyosore(My LFA) I have always been receiving feedback from Her pinpointing right at what I should and have to do. She has been the backbone of our group (Black-ops) and always remind us on what we are supposed to do. …

Every day an intense pressure is building up each moment due to the fact that the challenges are becoming tough each day. The challenges have continued to be demanding and requiring one’s full commitment and energy. I have learned new methods of studying both from the internet and friends, all this in order to be able to understand new concepts and apply them to my project.

The challenges at the Bootcamp have broadened my programming scope, having to create User Interfaces, implement oop concepts and at the same time practice TDD has made me research a lot more on the…

Learning for sure is hard work, but everything you learn is yours and will make subsequent learning easier. This is a quote that’s dawning to be true to me for the past 2 days I have been attending the Boot-camp. With lots of stuff to do on my Project Document, i have to learn most of the concepts before the day begins and try to implement as much as I can.
I have come to learn that time spent on a concept is for sure never wasted. What you learn today will make your tomorrow easier. I have learned to take…

Having completed university just a few months ago, with lots of pressure first amounting from yourself and also from your parents, these factors combine force you as a man to take a bold step.You will have an internal force building within you that is ready to take any chances at something that can bring light at the end of the tunnel.You are willing to learn new things and crafts that will generate income for you.
Having some basic knowledge on android programming, I had an idea of developing an app that would allow users to stream HD movies without using Internet…

Ever got stuck in an elevator due to power failure while going to an exam, interview or something? if so then you had 2 options.
Scream your heart out or sit back relax and start preparing for whatever you are attending to since it will still happen.On my 3rd day at Andela, I experienced power failure from our electricity producers(KPLC) that lasted for 2 hours.by this time I had 2 tasks fully unattended to.The deadline was at 4;30 and failure to submit the tasks was never an option.what did I do? you ask. Well, I composed myself, Checked any updates from…

Ever looked at Google’s home page? If so then you know what I mean when I say it look’s awesome.

Today during my forth day at Andela boot camp I took on the challenge to recreate the same web page using HTML and CSS alone. This was one of my fun projects I have done during this boot camp. Despite the fact that I didn’t create its backend, having a web page looking similar to Google home page strengthened my belief on becoming a world class developer. …

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