Opinion: Now Is Not the Time to Talk About the Texas-Sized Asteroid Hurtling Toward Earth

Last night, the Chinese city of Shanghai was destroyed by a piece of Dottie, the deranged lone-wolf asteroid hurtling toward Earth. This smaller chunk, flying in front of Dottie by several million kilometers, vaporized the entirety of Shanghai, leaving nothing but a smoldering crater, causing millions of people around the world to panic out of fear of Dottie’s impending impact, which will most likely mark the end of our species.

All told, this was the deadliest asteroid impact in human history with more than 15 million dead and incalculable damage to the infrastructure and economy of China. The event shocked, terrified, and in some ways unified America. As days pass and China picks up the pieces and tries to deal with this tragedy and answer the unknowable question as to what motivated the asteroid, they will need as much care and consideration as America can offer.

The one thing China and the rest of the world do not need is American “scientists” using this asteroid impact to further their own political agenda, or worse, rattle the “scientific” cages and weaponize a tragedy to attack the opposing research of real Americans. Now is not the time! The clean-up has barely begun; the measure of the human suffering has hardly been determined; many families are still looking for their loved ones. But NASA “scientist” Dan Truman, first thing this morning, began ranting about asteroid control, as did several others.

“This asteroid is the size of Texas and arguably worse than Texas. It will collide with earth in approximately 18 days causing an extinction level event, which will even affect Americans. We need to compile a ragtag team of off-shore oil drillers led by Bruce Willis to take a space shuttle to the asteroid and blow it in two using a thermonuclear device while an Aerosmith song is playing.”

For the love of God (and our wonderful country that He blesses), can we please not turn a tragedy like this into a political issue, while there is still devastation to sift through, while it is still fresh? Can our “scientific” leadership maybe think of the loved ones of the dead more than they do their own “scientific” careers? And perhaps just once, could these “scientists” stay quiet to avoid creating anger among Americans who, without the rantings of the “scientists,” would be unified behind the Chinese and not worried about some problem like Dottie, which, frankly, hasn’t even been proven to be real? Those families deserve our respect and not divisiveness about fake issues like saving humanity.

There are serious aspects to asteroid reform, and, in another context, we could debate the merits of sending Bruce Willis on a space shuttle with a motley crew of zany oil-drilling astronauts underscored by the dulcet tones of Steven Tyler. There will also be time to discuss whether this asteroid impact was instigated by alt-scientists. But right now, and in weeks to come, let’s just put “science” aside and focus on sending our thoughts and prayers to China. After all, we have plenty of time: the asteroid isn’t going anywhere.

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