Hi my name is Emily! I am a senior majoring in Strategic Communications and getting Business and Leadership Certificates. When I am not studying or working I am most likely to be found enjoying the terrace, running along lakeshore path or watching Netflix with my roommates. I am hoping to work in the advertising industry, preferably for an agency. I am hoping to work in a Social or Media department, but have also found Quality Assurance enjoyable. I have been working with the concepts of big data and technology through my last few positions and have found that the more time I spend in the advertising/marketing and communications realm the more important knowledge of technology and data has become.

As a student in both the School of Journalism and the Business School I have found it fascinating to see how both areas handle the changing technological landscape. This has fostered an interest in technology-based advertising and I have had great experience working with an agency that is founded in technology. It was through that experience that I’ve really found my interests lie in how we interact with technology and media. Particularly, how these interactions can spur innovative marketing solutions and unique situations.

The piece of this class I am least excited about is the Pecha Kucha style presentation at the end of the semester. This style of presenting will be completely new to me and will add an extra level of stress to the presentation. While presentation skills is something that I am always trying to work on, this style of presentations seems like it will be particularly difficult. I have a feeling the time constraints will be nerve-wracking for me and I know that will be the most challenging part of the semester. However, while I am not particularly excited for this last part of class I know that it will be a good experience and it will make me a better public speaker.

I am most excited about using data and information landscapes as a way to link many topics together. In looking through the syllabus and the reading list I found that there wasn’t just one topic I was excited about, but many different ideas that are going to be discussed. I am also excited to extend thinking about data and modern technology beyond the here and now. I always think looking to history is important, but I will be interested in thinking more about how our current technological state will impact our future and future generations.

After looking through the Medium website and the syllabus information I am still curious about what the artifacts for discussion will entail? What are some examples of artifacts that have sparked high quality discussion in the past? On a more logistical note, is adding a “new story” on the Medium website how we are submitting our essays? Also, for those essays are they responses to the readings or should the essays be centered around the stated objective in the syllabus?

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