How We Hacked Voice Communication Solutions Company And Found BAC + Info Disclosure + IDOR :D

3 min readApr 28, 2024


Let’s Get Straight To The Story

I received a private invitation from a program called

then I started to do my recon and found some nice subdomains.

first, I just wanna say every subdomain has a different API to serve it:- => => was using =>

Mobile app API (

and more like this.

I began to check them one by one and I noticed there was no registration form I found out u need an invitation from a company account on this application

then I went straight to JS Files to find endpoints to see if something was interesting or not I didn’t find anything interesting

so I went back to the login page and sent the login request and started playing with Burp.

I started to play with the login request the first request was sent to endpoint /api/users/login

after changing the endpoint from /api/users/login to /api/users

I got some errors that gave me more required parameters and after crafting the request successfully I got this response The 204 No Content meaning we’ve successfully created our account.

after logging in nothing was interesting just got an Authorization Token (we will use it later)

so I started fuzzing behind

I found 2 interesting endpoints

/swagger.json => this file got all API endpoints (u can import it to Postman and run it with proxy to burp and begin ur investigation)

/metrics => This one was leaking the entire API requests of all users on the platform

after visiting /metrics endpoint

u can see in the second pic u can notice the endpoints this was leaking the entire UUIDS of all users on the platform ( i mean the role: user) + Request Method used on the endpoints :D





from here I went back to Burp and tested this endpoint with all of this UUID’s

there were email and username, group_id’s, and interesting stuff for all users.

but this one, there was a location with the coordinates of the online user :D

my friend Abdelrahman Shazly started looking in Mobile App API and he found the same stuff :D same information disclosure and IDOR

after finding this stuff I went to the other subdomains and found the same things but one was for admins and one was for developers and one for companies :D

In the end, I got like

5 information Disclosure

5 Broken Access Control

5 IDOR’s users + admins + developers + companies

I started writing my reports after finding all of this nice stuff :D

June 8, 2023:- Reported

6 reports = 1 info disclosure For all URLs + 5 BAC and Idor

June 12, 2023:- All Reports Triaged

August 12, 2023:- 5 reports got duplicated after 2 months of triage and 1 report got resolved, bounty awarded, program quit Hackerone Forever :D

I think the company ran away without paying all the bounties :D