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Cryprocurrency, and the Blockchain have been recognized to be a ground breaking technology in
the present world, although it is still in its initial stages of devlopment, with a number of
applications and possibilities being explored.
As a result of this several fresh cryprocurrency ideas are being marketed to close the gap
between usability and technical difficulties. The potential in this ever growing market together
with the rising acceptability of the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain makes start-up new
projects very interesting for a wide range of stakeholders.. The realization of the cryptocurrency
and of blockchain-enabled technologies market is not fully achieved and the exploration of the
problem-space is incomplete.

The kreate token KR8 or KR8TN will bring together collectors, creatives, and
crowd funding in one. The blockchain will allow for clear distinguishing of original and
duplicate files. It is our belief that original copies possess a higher value, all digital copies used
to be considered equally and indistinguishable until the recent development of the blockchain
and bitcoin by Satoshi Nakomoto.

The utilization of the block chain technology will be useful in
the distinguishing of original and duplicate files and creation of verifiable original content for
crowdfunding for sales for keepsakes

.In this crowdsale the email address will be required for all non-token rewards.
Token description
KR8 or KR8TN is based on the belief that original copies contain a higher value than copies.
This is shown by the art world, after all the Mona Lisa has a far higher value than copies of it
possesses. The blockchain allows for distinguishing between original and duplicates of digital
files. This will work through embedding at creation time a token , with which one will be able to
validate an original copy which can be sold at a premium to a collector and also being able to
establish a limited number of collector’s edition of the digital goods. The KR8 token will be used
for attribution/validation and purchase/sale of the original artwork on the platform. 1000kr8 will
be available for airdropping and bounty hunting. All other extra KR8 which will not be in this
crowd sale will be put under indefinite lock up. They may be used for development purpose such
as proof of burn and transmission fees on platform or dapps.. The developer/marketer/ publicity
or other cash out will be limited to 500kr8 total per month.
Market Overview
The demand for advanced and new digital products has always been on the increase and the use
of block chain technology to advance and create a wide range of digital products is key to
success of KR8 token.

The photos, videos, and audios with embedded block chain tokens
proving authorship and copyright as a distributed ledger will be created. This digital products
will attract a high number of users and buyers due to its enhanced security features and proof of
authority and copyright as a distributed ledger. The art exchange platform will be used for KR8 :

buying, selling, and trading original and limited editions books, artwork, videos, and music
directly from the content creator. This will eliminate chances of having pirated copies of the
products from unscrupulous sellers. Most importantly, people will own something unique/special
or rare at the same time assisting in funding the artists’ endeavors.

Tech, simply respin ISO will allow for an easy creation of and holding wallets, however any attempt to copy, duplicate or respin a wallet holding a coin of nay description simply leaves an empty wallet. A whole image, publication or other work can be created on the iso while a blockchain explorer allows an easy identification of any transmitted cryptocoin or token. Since Monero demonstrates the ability to operate mining via browser and webrtc allows for online photos this can be potentially expanded to apps too..