A newly launched studio entirely dedicated to helping clients recover and recuperate is a welcome addition in a city that could use a helping hand when it comes to winding down.

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RēCOVER is the first of its kind in New York — a one-stop for physical and mental recuperation, outfitted with the latest in science-backed technology. Co-founders Aaron Drogoszewski and Rick Richey — both trainers and educators at the National Academy of Sports Medicine — opened their new venture this spring with the goal of bolstering their clients’ performance in athletics, work and play.

Situated on West 30th Street and…

VIBErant EATS — a sound healing and chakra-inspired dining experience — is the supper club health-conscious New Yorkers have been waiting for.

It’s a Thursday evening on the Upper East Side and a fashionable crowd is tucking into the first of seven courses — vegetable balls with beetroot humus and pink-petalled edible flowers. They eat to the slow steady beat of a drum, as hostess and VIBErant EATS founder Tatiana Revox circles each table, gently tapping the instrument over and around the diners. …

For those who find mindfulness dull, Radical Meditation’s New York pop-up offers a more intense route to inner peace.

On the third floor of a SoHo walk-up, a group of strangers meditates inside a tent made of draped sheets. Our arms are raised overhead while we practice “breath of fire” — a forceful exhale through the nose, belly snapping back towards the spine, followed by a passive inhale. There’s no opportunity for minds to wander; the rapidity of breath and white-hot lactic acid burning our triceps and shoulders keep us very much in the present moment.

This is Radical Meditation

Luckily for the wellness conscious crowd in NYC, holistic estheticians are achieving some very promising results with natural, gentle techniques.

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In New York, a city that’s always striving for self-improvement, there’s no shortage of skilled dermatologists able to immobilize foreheads and plumpen cheeks on demand. But what if these procedures don’t chime with your ethos to avoid harsh chemicals and suspect ingredients (botox, let’s not forget, is an abbreviation of Botulinum Toxin).

Beauty is pain — every woman knows this to be true. But beauty can also be born from our pleasure, and it’s this route that Candice Forness, a makeup artist and facial massage specialist, has built her career around.

In search of a modality that would enhance that…

How the saying “No es fácil” is the key to accepting life’s more unpredictable moments.

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I hadn’t been in Cuba more than an hour when I got my first lesson on the importance of acceptance.

After passing through all the various immigration check points and handing over my paperwork, I finally emerged at the arrivals terminal and located my driver — a handsome but serious guy who was as uncomfortable speaking English as I am conversing in Spanish.

His car, like most of the vehicles here, belonged at a vintage convention — an old black and white Chevrolet with a tinny sound system and no seat belts. We left Havana airport with the windows wound…

Academics warn that the U.S. commercialization of an ancient Indian practice may amount to cultural appropriation

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According to the Yoga Journal’s 2016 Yoga in America study, more than 36 million people in the U.S. regularly practice yoga — many, if not the majority of them, white. In a recent article, two academics from Michigan warn that this commercialization of an ancient Indian practice amounts to cultural appropriation, stating that it’s “a continuation of white supremacy and colonialism, maintaining the pattern of white people consuming the stuff of culture that is convenient and portable, while ignoring the well-being and liberation of Indian people.”

Yoga first arrived in America in 1893 with a visit from guru Swami Vivekananda…

A new breed of studio is bringing wellness, work and community under one roof.

When Eddie Stern, the founder of Brooklyn Yoga Club, first began studying yoga with Ashtanga master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, it was in his teacher’s home. Now, almost three decades later, it’s fitting that his own center is located inside a multistory brownstone house, on the border between Fort Greene and Clinton Hill.

Down in the basement is a meditation “cave”, steam room, and a gently lit studio where 80–90 students perform their daily Ashtanga practice under the watchful eyes of Hindu Gods — ornate statues and pictures, perched on a shrine at the far end of the room. On…

Mama Medicine blends shamanic tools, energy healing, and sound therapy for a complex, sensory wellness experience in NYC.

© Mama Medicine

I arrive for my first Medicine Reading Ceremony at 6.30 p.m. on a Thursday. It’s a precise start time, but as a person who’s generally 10 minutes early for any appointment, “on time” feels as good as late. Outside the door I slip out of my sneakers, adding them to the rack as instructed by the welcome sign, and enter the room, trying not to bring my flustered energy along with me.

On the floor, inside a communal circle of plump, linen-covered…

A “positive clubbing” experience is giving New Yorkers a boost without all the booze.

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Sunset reflections are still bouncing between buildings, and already a line has started to form at the door of House of Yes in Bushwick. An eclectic ensemble of people drop laptops and other work-day paraphernalia at coat check and proceed directly to the dance floor, where a humid mass pulsates to thumping EDM and live drums. Somebody is holding a pineapple aloft.

This is The Get Down — an early evening congregation of party people with no agenda other than several inhibition-free hours on the dance floor. …

Purpose-built salt rooms can be used for yoga, relaxation, and even business meetings with wellness benefits.

Historically the narrative around salt has been “less is better,” but the health properties of mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt have flipped the script — so much so that New Yorkers are flocking to purpose-built salt rooms for yoga, relaxation, and occasionally even business meetings with wellness benefits.

It looks like a giant salt grinder exploded at Modrn Sanctuary, a luxury wellness center in Midtown Manhattan. The floor is covered in pale pink granules, like sand-dunes on a beach at sunset, and the walls are lined with marbled rosy bricks. …


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