TNR Program For Cats!

Esmeralda Reyes
2 min readDec 5, 2022

I decided to do my project over the TNR program for cats. This is a social issue that I care about because my street has a very large outdoor stray/feral cat population, and I want to help limit the growth of the cat colonies, as well as getting the cats vaccinated to help against diseases so that they have healthier, longer lives. The TNR program stands for trap, neuter, and return. All it takes is getting a trapping cage, I go to the neighborhood shelter to rent one out, and then I set the trap so that I can take the cats to get neutered or spayed. After the process is done, the cats get an ear tip that helps others know that they have been fixed, and they get vaccinations, and they return back to where they were caught since many are not adoptable.





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