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It comes as no surprise that after many restless and studious nights with little to no sleep it become to be a stressful time for all, and yes I am talking about college. Although it is supposed to be the best time of one’s life it is also the most difficult and nerve-racking time. As years have passed it has not gotten any easier; there’s only more classes to take, harder courses, more expenses, less space available for students, and of course not enough time. As time has passed researchers have been interested in how students mental health have worsen. Although there has been an increase in mental health issues with college students there is a way to help prevent this from worsening which is by simply being more concerned for the health of students.

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Although just about every person could agree that college is demanding, time consuming, and as mentioned before stressful. Many people would argue the only reason as to why students would think this to be true is because they are either lazy or have procrastinated in their work and are now overwhelmed. The Article, “Are American Students Lazy?” by Scott Jaschik argues the ineffectiveness of American students. They have no motivation and all they wish to do is party. Although these professors are not wrong about some students it does not apply to every student.

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The article, “Anxiety and Depression: Anxiety the Most Mental Health Diagnosis in College Students” by Joel Brown informs readers about a recent study from Behavioral Medicine Clinics. They say, “Mental Health has become a critical issue on college campuses. Here at BU, Behavioral Medicine clinicians report that the number of students in crisis coming in for help has increased sharply — from 647 in the 2014–2015 academic year to 906 last year. And the number of students needing medical transports for psychiatric evaluation has also risen, from 120 in the 2014–2015 academic year to 134 last year”. This research is completely outrageous the numbers have completely sky rocketed the past few years due to college and their excessive requirements. Although, it is understandable that college contains certain requirements for the school to continue running, but there are certain requests that are now being added to conclude a major which are completely unnecessary. This is causing students to stay longer than needed only causing them more stress. Money the cause of many problems, and of course stress. It seems like now a days getting an education in the United States has made it nearly impossible for many students to obtain due to how expensive tuition is and how more expensive it continues to get. The article, “70 Percent of College Students Stress about Finances” By Jeff Grabmeier speaks on just about every college students main concern. He says, “Nearly 60 percent said they worry about having enough money to pay for school, while half are concerned about paying their monthly expenses.” Many students say they cannot afford to go to college anymore and wnd up dropping out because of it. This all causes students to have a higher chance of anxiety, depression or simply feel like they are “watching their lives crumble in front of their own eyes” as Joel Brown says. Now, we can all help decrease the anxiety and pressure that these students carry to achieve in life by decreasing tuition. It sounds simpler than it actually is but of course there is always a solution, especially when it comes to money. There can be more donations funded to schools as well as money that is supposed to be for prison can be instead transferred to colleges. In the image shown on “Education vs Prison cost” one can see an average of $10,000 being spent on education and about $20,000 to $60,000 being spent on prisoners varying the state one lives in. It is ridiculous the amount of money being misused and showed be changed immediately for the better of everyone, especially college students. These are just a few ways in which the decrease of stress in money can help college students.

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Half of the students in Penn State University have visited campus health clinics due to severe anxiety. The university has noticed this terrible issue and has mentioned that it is completely normal for students to be stressed every now and then and especially during the worst time of all, finals. As said in the article, “Annual Reports Offers Snapshot of US College Students Mental Health” it is stated that although it is normal to be stressed every now and to be a bit low in mood it comes to a point where it is completely unsafe for students health and must immediately be treated. Many students become incredibly ill that they begin falling behind in their academics due to their severe mental health. Once a student can no longer concentrate in their classes it is time for them to get the help that they need. The University decided to do a survey in which showed how many students were depressed, had anxiety, a disorder, or were even suicidal and needed immediate treatment. It showed students usually being depressed when they began seeing others over achieve and started to lessen themselves for they felt they were not where they originally wanted to be. Although these students know they can do better, they do not have the energy or the strength to do so for they feel they will make a fool of themselves while doing so. The author Brown, as well as many other researchers understand that being in school is overwhelming and can cause many mental health problems but this can all be solved in a few simple tactics. Dori Hutchinson who is a director of services at BU Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and a professor explains how anxiety and depression are disorders that go hand in hand in which having anxiety will increase the likeliness to be depressed and vise versa. There are of course ways to treat these conditions and with time can be completely cured which Hutchinson explains, “Both are treatable with therapy, lifestyle changes, and medication when indicated — and sometimes a combination of all three.” It may seem impossible at first but with time and effort one can overcome their mental illness if they truly want to. Of course this is only if the person is willing to help themselves and let people help them. Hutchinson clearly explains the solution to being cured is by being aware and concern about a students health.

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As repeatedly mentioned there are many ways to treat a mental health disorder but the first and most important step is by admitting that one needs help and is willing to receive the help needed. After this first step one can receive therapy which is one of the options that one can do as said by the “Mental Health Problem Treatment Program Options”. This is one of the most common treatments when dealing with a mental health issue but of course there are many different type of therapies. There are therapies for families, solos, support grounds, and more. There are also simpler ways in relieving stress by simpler taking baths and receiving massages. As said in the article, “10 Ways to Stop Anxiety Quickly” is obviously an article and treatment that is not too severe for students to use when they are stressed with school and can be an easy way to calm ones nerves. Something as simple and overlooked as spoiling one self a little will calm one and help improve their mental health for all college students.

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Now that one knows a few ways in which to improve and prevent ones mental health there will be a decrease in statistics and students will take care of one self more than usual. The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial, it is not just helping one self but as well as those around for positivity and negativity is contagious. By simply being more aware of students and their mental health, by simply observing one can treat them sooner than later and can cure their disorders before they get any worse. Decreasing tuition, receiving help when needed, and of course acknowledging that one has a disorder and willing to get treated are some of the ways to improve ones mental health and lets not forget the simple therapeutic treatments as well.

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