Getting Started Blogging

I have been told all my life I should blog. I enjoy writing and I am expressive and my brother once jokingly said I needed an outlet for my opinions because I was passionate about so many things. In time I would come to agree with him, and so I am excited to stay I am starting my first publication here on Medium!

Lately, I’ve been immersing myself in the indie game development community here in Orlando and its been a great experience. I have seen game developers present at a monthly meetup known as Indienomicon. There I have made connections with studios and developers that I hope to interview and get their perspectives on the game making process.

So why read my blog over anyone elses about indie gaming? My blog is going to examine the creative mental genius of the indie game developers developers I talk to as well as give an inside look into the process of indie game development.

I want to bring light to the creative genius of indie game developers that are making amazing things and to share these games with the world in a platform that is fun to read and well-informed on the gaming development community. I think that by emphasizing independent game development rather than more mainstream game development, we can match non-conventional gamers with unique and appealing games. That way gamers that don’t like traditional genres can explore options and be empowered and informed by their choices in games.

I am ready to get started as soon as I lock down my branding and my logo! Stay tuned for my new blog, I will write a post when its up!

Meanwhile, if you are in Orlando and you are interested in attending the Indienomicon meetups they are at the Melrose Center in the Orange County Public Library every first Thursday of the month. Here’s the website for more information:

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