Football Fans Being Priced-Out for Tickets

Arsenal Fans

The football season in England is half way through with still everything to play for. The demand and viewing numbers for the games across all major tournaments has increased significantly over the past 10 years. With this the football clubs have also increased the price of tickets for the general fans.

Away Games - Price Cap

The English FA decided to cap the away ticket prices to £30 which was a fantastic step forward for the fans. Home games however are a different story with some of the cheapest tickets available for the big games being priced at no less than £100.

Arsenal were forced to back down over an increase in their season ticket prices after being accused of misleading fans. The club initially announced that there would be a freeze on all prices, however there was then an additional announcement stating an increase.

Watching a ‘Category A’ game at the Emirates is the most expensive in Europe with the cheapest cost fans £95.50

The cheapest adult ticket for their Champions League last-16 against Bayern Munich will cost £64.

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FA Cup Tickets — Rule Changes

At the weekend, Reading fans were charged £45 for their game against Manchester United. However Reading decided to pay the difference and ensure fans only paid £30.

Clubs can now increase prices without question, often making it difficult for many supporters to pay. The great thing with the FA Cup is that all teams are made equal, no matter the league position of the team. This change in rules has created a system where the bigger teams not only determine the price but also can give away teams the absolute minimum amount.

We expect fans to protest again if not this season, then definitely next and the main area for protest will be the rising costs of tickets. Taking a family of four to a game in England has now become a rare thing, especially in the top division.

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