The pentagram is a symbol rife with controversy in the Western world. Often portrayed as a symbolic representation of Satanism, it has historically been banned in schools, and only fairly recently was approved as a suitable symbol of religious affiliation for United States veteran’s headstones.

Photo by Roland Larsson on Unsplash

If we want to feel good we have to fight for our energy flow. It’s that simple. What does that mean?

First, I am equating energy flow with what in India they call Shakti and in China they call Chi. When you feel great, this energy flows freely. …

Ego death isn’t the shortcut to enlightenment.

All illustrations by the author.

Ego death became an attractive concept among the spiritually-oriented folks. It refers to temporarily transcending your sense of separate self and connecting to a broader, more inclusive consciousness.

This experience — sometimes also called ego loss or ego dissolution — can be scary, fascinating and alluring all at the same…

Esofyan Lyamv

Writing mostly to myself. Sharing some of it with you. Hope it helps.

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