Ah, NaNoWriMo.

You’re coming up fast, aren’t you? 
I’ve missed you though. I haven’t been able to participate in years.

2013, I "won" NaNo, to my surprise. 
I never finished that novel, though. But I still have it and read it often for inspiration.

This year, I want to try again. And maybe be a bit more organized and planned out. Not as far as the story goes (I never plan great detail of my stories. I just have a vague idea, and let my mind run with it. It usually works,) but more the style, the theme, the perspective and such.

In 2013 I jumped three times, from first person, to third, back to first again. I couldn't decide which I felt better at, or liked reading better. It killed a lot of time, and produced an excess of repeated chapters in multiple perspectives. I got frustrated and finally settled, but I was never convinced I had picked the right style.

These days, I think I know what I like, and what I'm decent at, and I'm going to stick to it throughout the month of Nov. Gotta make sure I stay diligent.

I'm quite nervous about it, though I shouldn't be. I want to do this for fun, to practice my fiction, and also force myself to write a little every day. Lately, I've been slacking. For many reasons.

So here it is, my dedication to myself that I will join and participate in NaNoWriMo in the month of November. It may not be a great story, or even a good one, but my fingers are aching to dance again.

Good luck, other NaNo-ians.

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