Dear Medium,

I came here to write
I came here to discuss.
I came here to clear my head
And yet...
The trolls are invading.
Suddenly, nobody knows how to act.
People are taking offense to avatars on a screen.
Others are crying because words hurt. 
The trolls are succeeding.

But wait...
It's not only the trolls. Suddenly, everyone starts acting like they don't know how to respond to someone without sounding like an attacking hyena.
Friends? Followers? 
What are we doing here?

This used to be a community, not so long ago.
Souls were allowed and encouraged to publish their hearts out, without fear of ridicule.

Without hesitation, I jumped in. Finally a group of educated individuals who could hold a decent conversation without destroying too many braincells.


But what the hell is going on now? 
Apparently having your own opinion is okay, but having your own opinion and SHARING IT? Aw fuck no. Not anymore.

From now on, all medium posters must agree 100% before hitting publish. Sorry, thems the rules. I didn't make em. All the haters are making em.



I’m going to post whatever the hell I want. And I’m going to word it exactly how I want. And then guess whats gonna happen?

I’m gonna hit that Publish button and slam the laptop shut. Because I don’t give a fuck anymore about trying to please people.







(let all the ASSuming begin!!!)

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