heart & mind of steel — 4 —

A week later and she’d finished most of the work, sending out the artworks in digital form, and also through snail-mail, where requested. Most people didn’t care to pay the extra amount to get the original drawing. The extra fee was meant to say they had purchased copyright to said drawing, but many either didn’t care or didn’t know what that meant.

There’d been a few more emails between her and DontThrowAFitz, but they didn’t seem to be understanding what kind of things she needed to know. Like, what did they want the mascot to represent? Was it friendly? How do they want to portray sexy through a bakery mascot? She almost started to believe it was just a joke, someone messing around, but then her phone dinged, signaling a new email and she pulled it out of her back pocket to investigate. It was them again.

“It’s hard to explain. Let’s meet,” the email read. They went on to explain a few more things but she couldn’t figure out anything they were saying. Writing them back, she explained that she didn’t do in-person meetings, and that her business was run solely online. She’d never met a client and never intended to. She ended with, “I hope you can understand.” And sent the email off.

It wasn’t 5 minutes later she got her reply. With a promise to double her pay, which had her searching her mind for reasons as to why, they asked if she would meet them at a local coffee shop. And when she read the name of the shop — her favorite one — she grew suspicious instantly. Could it be coincidence, or was someone messing with her?

Fine, she thought. If they were trying to pull something, she would meet them there and see what it was they wanted. And she would do so with a clear mind. No judgments, no assumptions. A few taps later, she sent off her reply, agreeing to meet them in two days time, at 4pm.

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