heart & mind of steel — 5 —

Two PM already, and she was barely prepared. Steelas was still at the local thrift shop, picking up a new outfit and of course, some heels. It was a business meeting, she reminded herself, so she wanted to look the part. But she knew it was also key to look casual about it all, too. It made the client feel more at ease, less nervous.

With that in mind, she settled on some form fitting jeans, a black cashmere sweater and some black heeled boots. All costing her less than $10. A steal, she thought, as she walked out of the store with a beaming smile on her face. It was time to head back and get ready for the meeting. She didn’t know whether or not she was meeting a man or woman but she figured it didn’t really matter. No opinions would be based on gender, before or after she met them.

At home and after her shower, she stood before the body-length mirror checking over her choice of clothing. It looked great on her, the jeans hugging her butt just enough, and the sweater loosely showing her form. Enough to keep a man interested, but not too much to offend a woman.

She rarely wore makeup, but she penciled on some eyeliner and applied a little mascara, then brushed her hair out. She’d decided to leave it down, the light brown waves flowing over her shoulder and down her back. Smiling one last time at herself in the mirror, she checked the time on her phone while walking into the living room.

She had a ritual, or maybe it was a habit, but she refused to do anything outside the house without blazing first. Through years of research and curiosity, she finally got a chance to try it — after that autumn day — and she couldn’t refuse the benefits of smoking daily. So she never stopped. She smoked every day, at least three times a day, and it helped her not only to keep her head clear, but to appreciate the small things.

She plopped down on the sofa and pulled a small decorative box from the bottom of the coffee table. The box was detailed with intricate flowers, vines and an organic, swirling artwork, all circling around the center, where a stylized cannabis leaf was etched in. Designed by Steelas herself.

Inside, she retrieved her grinder and reached over to grab her most prized possession, a specially made bong. The bottom was round, shaped like a planet, painted in a brilliant ballad of colors. Coming out of the planet was the neck, colored to look like the night’s sky, with galaxy swirls, stars, even a black hole painted near the top. She took out the bowl, which was shaped like a small moon, and filled it with her indica blend.

The water, she knew, was okay, because she had just cleaned the whole thing recently. So without further ado, she grabbed her lighter, popped the bowl in and lit up. A few huff and puffs later, she was feeling relaxed and ready to go.

Confidence filled her bones as she stood, putting everything away, and then walked to the door. Her bag was ready to go, just a simple black messenger bag containing her sketchbook and such. She grabbed it and walked out, ready to meet her new client.

In person.