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Hey Jaden,

I rarely get involved in conversation here on medium. I don’t know all of the specifics of the abortion conversation, only the original article and Danna’s reply.

I have never been pregnant, and have no idea the emotions involved in an abortion. I do, however, agree with Danna on what she said. Perhaps it was more blunt than most are used to, but that’s what made it stick for me.

I’m disappointed in women of my age. They are careless and have no regard for the life they may throw away. I know that abortions are touchy subjects, and we all have our own beliefs on the matter. Why should one person’s opinion be more valid or acceptable than the other? If the girl has the right to tell her story, on a public forum, then we all have a right to respond based on our personal ideas.

Tough love is okay! Girls nowadays need to understand the severity of their actions. You want to have sex? Go for it. Please don’t throw a life away just because you wanted to get laid.

We also need better sex education. And because the sexual image of a woman is so fucked (pardon my language) due to conditioning, the good and right information HAS to come from somewhere.

Maybe she wasn’t sweet about it. Maybe she did not handle it as delicately has possible. But she doesn’t have to.

Because if someone can write about an abortion without worry of offending those against it, why should Danna care so much that her reply may have been offensive?

It’s all relative, anyway. People are different, period. We can recognize this and embrace it, and become closer to others than we thought imaginable. Or we can build walls, lock the doors and board the windows up on those we can’t seem to identify with.

Sorry, this got too wordy!!

I just want you, Danna and everyone else who truly isn’t a troll to accept each other as you are and realize — it’s really okay. ☺

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