“I thought I was an atheist until I realized I’m a God.”

— Watsky

Good LORDY, that speaks to me on so many levels! Doesn’t it just make you feel so empowered? To realize and know you — yes, YOU — are apart of the whole? That you contain pieces of the universe sewn into your being? That you are the moon, the sun, the earth, and everything in between?

Take a deep breath.

You just inhaled a star 5 million light years away from us. You inhaled a flower that has long since passed. You inhaled your mother, and her mother too. You inhaled the emotions and thoughts of millions.

You have that power, you know.

Take notice!

Now that you know how much power you hold, what will you do? Will you take deeper breaths to fill yourself up the the brim with universe? Will you notice how round and soft the clouds look outside? Will you feel the sun on your skin and realize you're just warming yourself up?

Like a caring mother, you care for yourself, without even knowing it. The universe loves you. Which means you love yourself. Do you remember how that feels? To love yourself?

To love the grit of your sand.
To love the shine of your star.
To love the burn of your sun.
To love the blow of your wind.
To love, to love, to love.

Through loving the universe.

Isn't that something?

Good luck, fam.
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