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Where I live, the streets are flooded with homeless men, women and children.

I thought it would be great to someday go to some of them and write articles about them. Not to demean or make light of them, but to honor and learn from their lives.

Can you imagine what we could learn from people like the warlock? Maybe he’s mentally ill, but he still has memories and the capacity to share. And I guarantee he still appreciates human contact.

I find them sad, yes, sometimes, but I also have found many a happy homeless people. Heck, when I had my 6 month homelessness stretch, I actually loved sleeping outside in the rain. Loved having no work or bills. I loved eating good food made by very good people willing to help.

I learned a lot from being homeless, actually. And I think society could learn a lot from people still living that lifestyle.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I really appreciated this article, despite how short it was. Thank you.

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