M sold his first car today.

We live paycheck to paycheck, and due to some unexpected happenings, we fell behind this pay period. With a week left before we get any more money, we had to make a decision.

His first car, dubbed The Roach, was a maroon, Oldsmobile Delta 88. And boy did she have problems.

He’d had her for a while before I met him, and she had been on many adventures and had many accidents.

The funny thing about the Roach was our different perspective on it, I think. Roach was very prone to accidents, people having hit her several times. Though it was never, ever our fault, I still felt like she was bad luck.

But not M.

He saw her as a lucky charm. Every time someone would hit her, he would collect from insurance. And seeing as it was never his or my fault, the insurance always paid up.

And with that money, he’d invest back into her and fix her up for the next big adventure.

We went on some good camping trips in the Roach. First date in the Roach, first trip to Colorado, first trip to Jemez Falls and beyond. She was even there when I bought my fifth wheel.

She had seen and been through a lot, and now, she was being towed away to be salvaged.

As soon as M learned of her fate, he got teary eyed. He questioned, "am I doing the right thing?" as we pushed her into the tow trucks vicinity. I said yes, that change is good. I don’t think he was completely convinced.

As we stood back and watched the tow guy hook up the car, M stared on with damp eyes, holding back his tears.

I was thinking, "this is no big deal. It’s just a car." But M showed me that wasn’t true.

The tow man handed him four pieces of green paper, equalling to the agreed to price. M accepted and we went inside.

He looked shocked, like he had lost someone very close to him. I could tell he was thinking of all the good times we had with Roach.

He pulled the money from his pocket and stared at it with sadness, as he spoke,

"four pieces of paper for something that meant more to me..."

I was sad to see him sad, so we sat and talked about how long Roach lasted and the trips we’d had. I told him he has a new (junker) car to fix up now. And then we were okay.

I know M is going to miss Roach for longer than he lets on, and that’s okay. Seeing how much that meant to him, meant a lot to me.

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