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No, not at all.

Just because I don’t wish to discuss my views with EVERY SINGLE PERSON who replies to me is my choice. I am not obligated to answer all of you, if I do not want to.

I responded to several different people on the same topic. As I stated to another person, the topic was going no where (as conversations about abortion typically do) and I was tapping out.

How is this unacceptable?

The original point of the entire conversation to begin with was everyone has the right to their opinion. I never told anyone they couldn’t have theirs. I just stated where I didn’t agree.

This is called a discussion.

For people to be taking this personally or letting it affect their real lives — I’m sorry. These are just words on a screen, from a person you’ll never meet. Why are you letting this get to you guys?

I chose not to respond to H. Nemesis because she began her reply with, “I’m annoyed.”

Okay. Great. Why would I want to have a discussion with someone who is clearly looking to pick a text-fight?

Bottom line:

I can agree and I can disagree. I can choose to reply or I can choose to ignore. I’m not here (as stated above) to please anyone. I am here to write what I need to. And if that offends someone (which we all know it will and has), then THEY have the choice to reply or ignore it too.

No one is twisting any arms.

No offense, Anna. Just my input.


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