The sorority sisters and their boys tried to manipulate me too.
Danna Colman

Not to butt in,

But I followed you because of that abortion reply. It was your personal opinion and people who didn’t agree flipped the fudge out.

I don’t like or enjoy all this gossiping and facebook-style trolling of each other.

Medium is for writing and recognizing said writing. I always felt if you didn’t agree, fine. If you must tell everyone you don’t agree, do it in a good way.

I think your response to that abortion post was totally fine and within your rights to post. If someone got butthurt over it, then too bad.

I guess I just want people to remember what this website is all about. It’s not Twitter. It’s not Instagram. And it’s definitely not Facebook. So can we please stop treating it as such?

I follow you, Danna, and Jaden. I followed you guys because something you posted clicked with me. Now all I see is gossip and bickering and it makes me sad. You’re both great writers, and its unfortunate it’s come down to a she said/she said.

I guess my suggestion is — let’s get back to writing!!

Anyway sorry for ranting!

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